Gear up, people. Here’s everything I ate on Tuesday, April 22nd. It’s all Japanese-inspired clean eating, nearly fat free and one raw egg shy of vegan. This kept me powered through a busy day and an hour of spin. BUT, let’s start out with a shameless work selfie.

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY: (1) Getting to read the Wall Street Journal for an hour in a quiet, sunny room. Am now properly updated on my fav tech and telecom movers and shakers. (2) Starting Tokyo Vice, which so far is every bit as badass and hard-boiled a narrative as promised. (3) Hilarious and heartening chats with my office wifey and my mom.

Dinner is the clincher, I promise…

BREAKFAST – Curried Lentils, brown rice, a shredded carrot, green onion, and some tonkatsu sauce. Tonkatsu always brings the magic…I took the picture next to this flower as I forgot to make the presentation Insta-worthy before everything was in the bowl. And sorry about those pale, pale feet!

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LUNCH: Vegan Bento. 1/2 cup brown rice with umeboshi, kimchi, cherry tomatoes, and su shoyuzuke tsukemono.

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DINNER: Udon with “Asian Style” Pesto! I saw this rich and delicious Thai Linguine recipe on Lady and Pups and was inspired to make a simple, light pesto using some of the Japanese ingredients left in my fridge; as you know I’m in the middle of emptying my side of the kitchen and fridge before leaving for California. Let me tell you, I scraped the sides of the food processor when I was done here and devoured this in .5 seconds.

Ingredients: spinach, mint, chives, toasted sesame seeds, two cloves garlic, shoyu, big cut of ginger, rice milk, mirin, miso, and a dash of sesame oil. The mint and ginger flavors are dominant. I can try to provide a more exact recipe if there’s interest! This would also be amazing as a salad dressing or marinade!

Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

BONUS PIC: This perfect little chap spotted on the way home from the gym! I’m going to miss idyllic Logan Circle.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset That’s it. The only food I ate that is not pictured involves some sampling done during bento prep for the rest of the week. That is a post, however, for another day.

Take care, beautiful people!


  1. Love your work outfit (and your eats for the day, obvs). Have a fabulous Wednesday!

    • Thanks so much! I am all about the power sheath. Hope your Wednesday is rocking as well! And, congrats on being (I presume) NEARLY DONE WITH CLASSES. I don’t know about you, but that JD is so close I can taste it!

  2. Hahahaa!! All these things in this post look like what I love to eat everyday when I’m by myself! Just a one bowl/5 min meal kinda thing!

    • I am totally with you, and one bowl/five mins really is the ideal ration, especially on a busy weeknight! Would you ever consider doing a “What I Ate Wednesday” style post? All your recipes are epic/staggering/wonderful, but I bet the everyday meals are pretty special too!

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